Treyco Model 3000

Frequently Asked Questions about the
Treyco Model 3000 Clipper Blade Sharpener

  1. Where can I get instructions on how to use the Treyco Model 3000 Clipper Blade Sharpener?
    Right here! Download Model 3000 Instructions
  2. What is the speed of the disc?
    400 (low speed) or 900 (high speed) revolutions per minute (RPM).
  3. What is the diameter of the honing disc?
    16 inches.
  4. What is the disc made of?
  5. What is the surface like on the disc?
    Fine grooves like on a phonograph record.
  6. What is the life of the honing disc?
    300 to 500 sets of blades per side - there are 2 sides to each disc.
  7. How can you tell when your disc is worn out?
    When fine grooves on surface of disc start to wear uneven or disappear.
  8. How many times can a disc be resurfaced?
    Normally 6 to 10 times.
  9. How are the blades held?
    By magnetic holders.
  10. What clipper blades can be done on the holders that come with the unit?
    A5 style blades by Oster, Andis, and Wahl, plus 83 & 84 AU large animal blades.
  11. What about the other types of blades?
    Contact Treyco regarding special holders for Lister, sheep and Aesculap.
  12. How many clipper blades can you sharpen with 1 lb of honing powder?
    80 to 100 sets.
  13. How many clipper blades can you sharpen with 16 oz of honing oil?
    250 sets.
  14. Can we sharpen ceramic blades with your machine?
    No, you cannot sharpen ceramic blades on the aluminum honing disc that comes with the Treyco Machine.  Ceramic blades require a diamond type surface.
  15. What blades are hollow ground?
    All human hair and small animal blades.
  16. What blades are flat ground?
    Large animal (horse, cow, sheep).
  17. Is the machine available in 220 volt?
    Yes - please contact Treyco.
  18. How should I order my honing disc?
    If you are mainly using small animal and human hair blades, use a hollow ground disc (HH).
    If you are only sharpening large animal (horse, cow, sheep), use a flat disc (FF).
    If you are going to do small animal, human hair and large animal (horse, cow, sheep), use a hollow flat ground disc (HF).
  19. What size generator do I need for a mobile service?
    We recommend a 1500 watt unit.
  20. I currently own a Model 2000. Can I use the its honing disc on the Model 3000?