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Treyco Model 3000

Clipper Blade Sharpener: Treyco Model 3000

Features exclusive to the Treyco Model 3000 Clipper Blade Sharpener

Treyco Model 3000 Oster Comb Holder A-5 Comb Blade Holder Stewart Holders
  • Magnetic holders require no adjustments for various sizes of A-5 Clipper Blades
  • 2-speed disc drive allows for most efficient sharpening and reduced time
  • Low speed 400 RPM
  • High speed 900 RPM
  • Double sided honing disc allows sharpening of both Hollow Ground (small animal and barber blades) as well as Flat Ground (large animal blades)
  • Disc may be ordered with both sides hollow or flat if desired at no additional cost
  • Low voltage draw is perfect for mobile sharpening services
  • Motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled to provide long service life
  • Automatic arms feature sealed ball bearings and linear motion of arms provided by linear ball bushings running on a hardened and ground steel shaft with rubber bellows to protect bearings from dust and grit providing long life
  • Uses same honing disc as prior models
  • Magnetic holders from prior models may be used on Model 3000

What makes TREYCO MODEL 3000 the best, easiest and productive Clipper Blade Sharpener on the market?

  • Watch video clip of Features.
  • Production rate of 12 to 20 or more sets per hour
  • Guaranteed against defective parts for one year
  • 30-day money back guarantee (providing machine is returned shipping, pre-paid, in undamaged condition).
  • Comes complete with Stewart 83 & 84 AU Comb & Cutter Holder, 1-pound honing powder, honing powder applicator, atomizer with 16-oz. honing oil, metal removal gauge, test pelt, instructional manual, informational DVD, and wood charging stick.
  • Affordable at only $2,270.00 (USD), the Model 3000 is an investment in your focus on quality and your goal of profitability! With its easy-to-use, high precision capabilities, and low-price tag, it's easy to see why we call it "The Groomer's Best Friend!"
  • Need more info? Download Model 3000 Instructions
Item # Description Price* Qty
3000-110-HH Treyco Automatic Clipper Blade Sharpener, 110V, honing disc with 2 hollow sides $2,270.00
3000-110-HF Treyco Automatic Clipper Blade Sharpener, 110V, honing disc with 1 hollow/1 flat side $2,270.00
3000-110-FF Treyco Automatic Clipper Blade Sharpener, 110V, honing disc with 2 flat sides $2,270.00

Contact Treyco for availablility on 220 volt units.

*Prices are listed in US Dollars (USD).